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Pedego electric bikes combine the comfort & leisure of the automatic vehicle and the freedom & excitement of a classical bicycle into intelligently designed, undeniably stylish, and exceptionally crafted piece of machinery. Zipping around on an electric bike from Pedego is sure to become your new favorite way to get around town, simply because it’s a relaxed method of exercise together with a casual form of fun.

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Hills are unavoidable, but that’s not troubling to the owner of an electric bike or ebike. The option of either pedal power or battery power (by using a throttle) provides the optimum balance of exercise and enjoyment. The simple turn of a hand operated twist throttle is all it takes to activate the quiet electric motor on your Electric Bike, allowing you full control over your speed on your ebike. Pedal and add throttle as desired or use throttle and add pedal power as you wish.

Growing rapidly in popularity, electric bikes are becoming a great way to demonstrate your concern for the environment. Our bikes can go 10-30 miles on the battery’s shoulders alone. By adding the smallest amount of pedal power, your ride becomes that much longer. Recharging an electric bicycle is like recharging your laptop – it takes a couple of hours and costs you pennies and the environment less. That’s not something you can say about your sport utility vehicle.

Take a couple of minutes on our site to read some customer testimonials, watch some informative videos, and learn about our exceptional products. We take a lot of pride in our work, and it is our most earnest aspiration to get you out on the road, enjoying and appreciating the time it takes you to get from point a to point b. We promise you’ll find an e-bike or electric bicycle that fits your style and goals.